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People often feel comfortable being a professional web designer and developer. Web design and development is a globally recognized profession. In Abuja-Nigeria, the IT sector is widely expanding. There is huge demand of experts in this field. But still there is no well-structured web design and development course in Abuja-Nigeria. Even the idea of web design and development is synonymous too many people. Actually there is major different between web design and development. A web designer works with the outlook and appeal of the website. Basic tools of web designing are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Creativity and imagination are the prime quality of a web designer. On the other hand, a web developer develops the inner workings like the admin control panel of a site. PHP, dot-NET, Python, C++, Ruby and other programming languages are necessary for web development. A web developer must be logical and focused on technical issues. A blend of both fields will make one expert in web design and development. Now if you are sharp to have a web design course under ItechnwebNig in Abuja, we are there for you. We are offering web design and development course along with web design training in Nigeria. And, you can avail this web design training in Abuja. You will even have the ideas of responsive website development using Bootstrap in our course. We will strengthen your learning through web design tutorials, projects and practice. In our web design and development course, we offer you full knowledge. Our course is carefully structured and prefixed. So, you can come prepared on what you are going to learn. You will get the details of our 24 sessions in our website. We are only taking maximum nine students per batch to ensure quality. If our two-month duration web design and development course fails to satisfy your desired level of skill, we offer free service until your satisfaction. This offer is not only for this course, but for any course you complete here. We have the confidence on both you and ourselves that once you pass through us you will be skilled and proud enough to start making money

Web Design
  • HTMl/HTML5 -Hypertext Markup Language
  • CSS/CSS3 -Cascading style sheet
  • JS -JavaScript
  • Dreamweaver/notepad
Web Development
  • PHP
  • MYSQLi
  • Xampp/Wamp
  • Dreamweaver/notepad
View Full Modules
    • Dreamweaver/notepad++
    • Bootstrap 3/4
    • Laravel Frame
    • Codeigniter
    • Fontsawesome

When you're learning to code by yourself, you have to generate your own motivation:
You might not think that programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession.
It's logic-based creativity.

Course Fee and Schedules

4 Month

Batch No- "Web -07" Schedule

Mon, Wed, Fri
3pm to 6:30pm

Batch No- "Web -081" Schedule

Mon, Wed, Fri
3pm to 6:30pm

HOTLINE: +234-9071027013